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When it comes to strength, endurance, and over all physical fitness, most would agree U.S. Navy SEALS set the bar. They are tough. They are disciplined. They are the best. They epitomize SEAL Training Academy’s “Fitness and Fortitude” motto. But, not everyone can be a Navy SEAL or qualify for a U.S. Navy SEAL workout plan appointment. But now, thanks to SEAL Training Academy’s “SEAL of STEEL” online workout, everyone can train like one, all from the comfort of your own home.

Our one-of-a-kind online workout is comparable to many military workouts and is customized to your personal fitness goals and levels.

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Burn Calories

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Weekly Custom Workout Plan

Designed by a Navy SEAL and D1 Athlete
Created by U.S. Navy SEAL Brett Hess and University of Florida javelin thrower Doug Nelson, SEAL of STEEL is designed by the best to get you the best results. It is the only program to combine the Navy SEAL fitness platform with the D1-level athletic department workout system used nationwide.

Unlike our competitors, SEAL Training Academy starts you off with a custom online fitness assessment. This assessment helps us help you create the right fitness program for your goals and needs.

Something else unique to us is that our workouts are designed to progress and build on previous ones, ensuring that with each workout, your level of fitness is consistently improving.

Our muscle building, strength gaining, and fat-loss promoting strategies are proven approaches and require little to no use of burdensome and costly equipment on your part. The workouts are also built on bodyweight movements, reducing injuries so common in other popular fitness programs.


An Online Workout Created By a Navy SEAL, Can I Handle It?

People fail at SEAL training when they can't meet the challenge mentally. SEAL Training Academy bypasses that by customizing it to be as challenging as you can take. With our SEAL level training program, you feel good about accomplishing your goal with each workout, building on those nerves of steel needed to take on the next one

Each workout is designed to take you just a little bit further then the last, allowing you to set the pace while continually improving your muscle strength, endurance level and your nerves of steel. This is by far the most advanced online workout program offered today, forget P90X, forget Insanity, and try a workout used by the most elite fighting force in the world. This is a program that anyone at any fitness level can feel confident to take on, and excel at. Our workouts are built for everyone based on their fitness levels and their goals. This SEAL fit program will have you looking and feeling your best in no time!


Your headquarters or as the SEALs like to call it the "Ready Room", a unique members only dashboard guiding you through your mission to overall fitness and fortitude!

Here's What Other Atheletes Are Saying About Our Online Workouts...

Stipe Zunic

The Advanced programs is a kick in the ***, but that is what I love about it! I have never been physically challenged this hard in a very long time and the results speak for themselves. Down to just under 9% body fat in 3 months and packed on some serious lean muscle. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Stipe Zunic, Fitness Trainer

Not only has the SEAL of STEEL online workout program got me in incredible shape beyond my competitive MMA training it has helped to keep my body healthy! One of the biggest struggles an athlete can face is being injured and the way SEAL of STEEL was designed ensures my muscles stay healthy and strong throughout the season.

Gareth Hoernel, MMA Fighter
Gareth Hoernel
Eric Foran

By far one of the most complete training programs. If you are looking to challenge yourself and push to your limits to sculpt the physique you have always wanted, this is the program for you. My heart rate still skyrockets each day and every workout challenges my body even more than the last day.

What Does an Online Workout Look Like?

Go through our YouTube video to know more about our Online Workout program.

About Us

SEAL Training Academy was developed by Navy SEAL Brett Hess and University of Florida Athlete Doug Nelson to meet and exceed the needs of individuals wanting to reach new personal bests, live a healthy lifestyle and to develop leaders both on the field and in the office.

Our events and online workouts are specifically designed to blend an extreme SEAL experience with collegiate athletics.

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