The goal of HigherGround has been to establish and develop creativity, motivation for the task and critical thinking. Qualities of competence that help to mitigate risk and identify solutions; we surface attitudes of positive, constructive persistence that create an environment of opportunities for holding the competitive advantage in a business field or marketplace, the sports arena, and in a personal life. HigherGround is the ultimate proactive leadership development system created by Brett Hess, former Navy SEAL, he utilizes many of the principals he has acquired through years of adversity as a Navy SEAL, as a builder of business brands and through many other experiential challenges that have encouraged .
  • We will inspire your team to lead, follow, execute and win
  • Demonstrate the qualities of excellence that Navy SEALs expect from every member of the team
  • Implement a winning leadership and management process that drives innovation, strategic thinking, mutual support and respect, and accountability
  • Benefit from a focused culture of teamwork, responsibility and pride for valued qualities that have worked for one of the most elite small unit

Navy SEALs and the Winner’s Circle

Leadership, competence, planning, responsibility, accountability and teamwork can win on the field or in your marketplace. So, what separates those who win consistently? How do you create a team that wins championships year after year? The quality that separates Navy SEALs from many others is a spirit of determination, the ability or capacity to push themselves beyond momentary circumstances or perceptions, they have been conditioned and mentored to evolve, adapt and self-motivate; giving up is rarely the option.The Navy SEAL approach encourages and conditions you to keep pushing forward, to muster the resolve, to think through the circumstance, to assess, analyze and to never stay satisfied with anything less than their best. They build upon past experiences, share ideas, then pass the knowledge to the team and take it to the next level of performance and achievement.


Controlled physical adversity has a visceral way of building not just leadership skills, but critical teamwork moments within an organization’s system. Our approach guides you and your teammates into pressure situations, limited risk, and human nature obstacles; that will have everyone thinking on their feet, problem solving and working as a single body- a functioning system.Brett H. and the HigherGround coaching team will offer you an up close and personal insight to the mindset, the winning attitude, the approaches and the interpersonal functioning that has helped to forge the renowned US Navy SEALs into one of the most formidable and successful special operations units in the world. With a commanding but humble coaching style, they will guide you through the most critical foundations and elements that target, plan, prepare and lead to a successful outcome. HigherGround cultivates and develops a culture of accountability, responsibility and excellence.

About Us

SEAL Training Academy was developed by Navy SEAL Brett Hess and University of Florida Athlete Doug Nelson to meet and exceed the needs of individuals wanting to reach new personal bests, live a healthy lifestyle and to develop leaders both on the field and in the office.

Our events and online workouts are specifically designed to blend an extreme SEAL experience with collegiate athletics.

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