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Depending upon your dedication and commitment to the program, and the lifestyle changes that affect your body’s recovery and repair support systems- we typically see a noticeable difference in the third and fourth week. At the six to eight week point you will be well on your way, and this is generally where your gains in performance, clothing fit and mental endurance become interesting! Stay on your journey and see what the next level brings your way for an enhanced and healthy life.
When people just like you send us feedback and comments, they often say they were a bit intimidated because they have an image in their mind that the workouts will be just too much for them; and seem to connect the intense training, at the Basic Underwater Demolition School (BUD/S), with exactly what they will be doing. And to some degree they are correct. Let me explain, the programs we have designed are made with every level of fitness interest in mind. We know upfront that getting started for some is the toughest part…the hardest decision. So visualizing a workout so hard you feel like you just flipped your car the night before is not our intent and is definitely not how the programs are designed….in the beginning anyway :). Now, with that also said- if you go right to the most challenging level- YES, it will be a kick in the pants, no way around that. So start slow, start with a Vision and an outcome goal for yourself and choose a realistic regime so you can condition first and challenge later. Making your choice to become a Member of the training Team is your first Test.
Only if you accept that as your excuse! No way, listen we are all going to of course adjust our training to the realities of where we are and that is wise. But don’t let your mind override your drive for a new healthy you. Start slow, but get started. Tend to your nutrition, balance your stress with these workouts, stretch and hydrate- a lot, take days off where needed (No Shame in that) and use the R.I.C.E process “Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation,” for the OWWWEES, aches, sore muscles and hotspots you will undoubtedly experience. Take your time, condition and rebuild your athletic approach. Enlist a friend for accountability and lifestyle creation, you are why we are here, why our business was even begun. We are passionate about people who live a life of challenge, have a never quit attitude and lead the way as an example for those around them. Now go inspire some folks! You are exactly who we want on our TEAM!
Doug Nelson will be your main dude for that, he is not just a gifted athlete, but a tough, humble, super- smart guy who sets our bar high for customer service concerns and website access solutions. He will get your service support needs met pronto- trust me he knows that to get things growing fast and done properly- there is no better manure than the farmers boot… so to speak :) Please contact him at: 813.335.1268
Brett Hess will likely be your primary person for these questions. Brett enjoys the team interaction with all of our members and he can offer up some interesting perspective and reality based training approaches you are sure to benefit from. He is an easy going, humble, highly motivated and very approachable personality- a rugged, real, and genuine man.

Please contact him at:

We take a very long view for our outcomes, for our purpose, on the lifestyle focus areas of most importance, but most treasured is the TEAM benefits- that being your success, your health and just how we will all take this journey together. You will want to be a part of our Team, we are just getting started and we have some incredible and exciting relationships to unveil- we are so humbled, excited and passionate about the people involved with us. All immediate business support development and micro-goals are being met way ahead of schedule- so our base is set. Now get yourself positioned and ready to go!!
As SEAL Team members we encourage you to try other options (Cross-Train) we are proud of our brothers, we are all making a difference in the lives of people. Being a SEAL carries some community responsibility and we passionately endeavor to present the Core Values, Guiding Principles and the Character of who we are. We are far from perfect, but we know what it takes to win, what Team Work is about, and what is required to make a shattering difference in-order to rebuild a person from the inside-out and the ground up. So, since we are all from the same community you will see some overlapping programs- that is because we have a shared experience and a shared arena of education- at the wellspring, the original source; so the similarities only serve to confirm and reinforce the soundness of our collective offerings. We encourage you to seek-out, experience, enjoy and learn from the credible sources available. Take as many challenges as you can- take the family where possible, attend a program in-person for self-development, and do some at-home training with us as a Member of our Family and TEAM, we support you! Now- go train, find an event and take the opportunity to support the SEAL’s, they are a rare breed of Human Being and they are absolutely true American Hero’s.
Yes, we are reachable by email. You can reach us at

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SEAL Training Academy was developed by Navy SEAL Brett Hess and University of Florida Athlete Doug Nelson to meet and exceed the needs of individuals wanting to reach new personal bests, live a healthy lifestyle and to develop leaders both on the field and in the office.

Our events and online workouts are specifically designed to blend an extreme SEAL experience with collegiate athletics.

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