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You will not see very much about all of our Special Operations and Elite Athlete individuals- just know that they are humble personalities who dedicate themselves to our mission of healthy living, fitness & mental fortitude, and the continual pursuit of excellence; we are not much for bio pictures with a great deal of worldly chest beating and self-exploit overviews.

To be sure we have uniquely talented, gifted and hardworking special individuals with amazing personal qualities and achievements, folks who have contributed a tremendous amount in the way of service to this country, the community, and service to many others- in many different compassionate and selfless ways.

And we have all agreed to forgo the formal bio list because we are not about just a few personalities we are about family, new friends and shared experiences. We are about uplifting and relentless sportsmanship and the pursuit of our personal best; we are about great leadership that inspires others to greatness.

So whether you visit online, train on location, encourage or overcome at an open event or just with your local SEALShape training team; remember you are meeting with all of us.

About Us

SEAL Training Academy was developed by Navy SEAL Brett Hess and University of Florida Athlete Doug Nelson to meet and exceed the needs of individuals wanting to reach new personal bests, live a healthy lifestyle and to develop leaders both on the field and in the office.

Our events and online workouts are specifically designed to blend an extreme SEAL experience with collegiate athletics.

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